DA T.r.u.t.h – Religion ft. Dr.Ravi Zacharias [ OFFICIAL VIDEO]


After much anticipation of Da Truth’s album and a little confusion after recent tweets #ItsComplicated has aroused the ears of his fans as well as the church in general!

D.A. Truth releases visuals for #Religion where he poses many questions many fears and honestly is on the pulse of #CHH culture as of recent. Many artist’s have denied the faith walked away or watered down or even confused the doctrine.

Its Complicated! !! Is gearing up to be the most profound body of work Mr. Lambert has put together which is saying alot! Right now the world is full of so many questions without definite answers that many have thrown in the towel, or been led astray and called it conscious or consciously led astray but who sets that bar, who places that claim.
Who’s Truth can make all other Truth’s a lie?? How do we know that the God we call God is God at all, How does one KNOW that the one who died and roseis really alive?? How do we know their is ALLAH or is it all A Lie??!!


The only answer is FAITH !

Amazing Visuals, Powerful Message.

Da Truth has always been more than Music and has begun his elevation to PURE, UNDENIABLE PASTORIAL STATUS!!

I pray this Video Blesses you as it Blessed Me




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