Brinson- Still Alive [ft. Uncle Reece]

Brinson reveals the ultimate solution of depression in his new
single “Still Alive“. The artist touches on a subject that few in
the genre of Christian music cover, suicide. 

Brinson opens up about a dark time in his life where he wanted to end it all until he heard the voice of the Lord. That voice told him everything will work out and not to take this road to the end. 

The next two Brinson albums “Until We Meet Again” & “Black Canvas” tells
all about overcoming deep depression. 
Still Alive tells people who have struggled that Jesus is the way out. The music video, directed by Will Thomas, tells the stories of two people
overcoming depression.


Please don’t hesitate, if you or someone you notice display suicidal behavior please call the number above as well as pray. Depression is a very overwhelming distraction of the enemy that is very real and should not be taken lightly.

Black Canvas: UWMA 2 is available now via iTunes.
“Everything we do, we do it for the culture!”

-The ChhPlug 


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