The Spirit of NEW DETROIT Surges through 4 of the cities Bright Young Artists 

What happens when  4 young men from the city/surrounding cities of Detroit become frustrated with what the media portrays as their hometown ? 

Anybody that watches television immediately when they heard Detroit they’d assume…. start a riot!!! Right?? You’d think a bunch of street kids cursing on social media or even worst!!! Right??!!?

Well that sentiment couldn’t be further from fiction than a bunch of  Huge Metal Robots waging war against earth other than the scenery of a city enraged by poverty , crime corruption and led pipes!

Instead you have a group of young, educated , passionate creative innovators that have come together for 1 common goal!! Unity! 

A word that you don’t usually conjure when you think about the “Murder Mitten” Detroit Rock City, Motown or the home of Eminem -Detroit! But honestly if you listen quietly you can hear the rumbling a very passionate sub culture rising from the depths of the Motor City ! A culture of young men and women that sit outside of Wayne State University and read about Ida B Wells, a group that goes to Eastern Market to paint images from their soul! A community of young creators that no longer accept the status quo!

Church in Da Hood Community leader and visionary Roderick ‘M3’ Burch has stepped from behind the microphone to become the voice of a overlooked and underestimated generation. After talking to the young emcee youd learnhow he  intentionally searched around about for other inspirations and artists from the city skilled and genuine enough to capture a sound that would provoke the nation, inspire the youth and revive the culture ! Recruiting Another Detroit Icon in Soulful linguist Jermaine ‘Jwil’ James then reaching out to surging up and comer Dre Beeze The God Son and the final nail in the coffin in veteran rookie Douglas ‘Read B Verses’ Rogers!

Behind the scenes you’d assume with the caliber of 4 extremely different artists to hear about small spats and momentum shifts in egotism and testosterone flaring which is common amongst emcees, quite the opposite happened! Instead you heard laughs and side conversations while other other artists performed in front of the camera, hugs and exchanges of numbers and social media handles but the one thing that I was blown away by- not one person had their phones out! It was like these guys had known each other for YEARS!

It was a calm yet intense focus in the midst, while very easily full of chemistry. Downtown Detroit was the only place Burch saw that could be a visual aid to the message so that it’d be felt and the power 4 free thinkers settled up on one mission would convey! As curious detrioters walked by pulling out cellphones and  taking selfies but without announcements or posts, something different was in the air!
Music about the hardships riddle each verse, creative adlibs and punchlines about growth infiltrate each hook and the horns and cords of a city that once was the captial of music was revived after years of silence of poetric and selfless music!

Although the collaboration was the manifestation of hours of conversations when asked about the cypher it’s only one way to describe it! That one way isn’t even an answer to a question rather than a statement- “they say a picture is worth a thousands words” but I’d like to disagree – This one only says 4….. “Welcome to New Detroit !”

Stay tuned!

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