ChellZzZ charges as Anticipation is temporarily Settled with New Music!

@kingdom_chellzZz is BACK releasing a new single and for the first time his very own visuals ! If your not aware of the Holy Team Front runner then this may come to a surprise but ChellzZz coming out of Detroit is one of the crafts most creative and original innovators CHH has ever seen! 

Constantly changing and experimenting with different sounds, ChellzZz is a loose canon and you never know what to expect! The only thing you can expect is Different – an uneffected by current trends in mainstream or underground music interpretation everytime he hits record! 

Chellzzz has his own sound and continues to redefine what Christian Hip Hop means to him!

Visuals display some of the outer skirts of the surging newly renovated Downtown Detroit campus with a few shots of a distant GM building as well as the urban art that just compliments the creativity and grittiness of a city that won’t stay down !

Needless to say the Video is DOPE!  


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