Church B x Mele Mel say Suit Up

PA has a heavy hitter in Church B , he pulls no punches and lacks no intensity! Christian Hip Hop has taken its fair share of lumps for content and generic subject material and impersonal and non relateable content with the most recent Bible Jargon coming out of the mouths of some of Hip Hops trendy/influential artists from Big Sean, Chance the Rapper  just to name a few! This has put pressure on Christian artist’s to conform/make “better music” or focus more on production and artistic expression and less on doctrine driven metaphors !

Suit up has to be the most worldly relevant topic with the state of CHH, with many artist denouncing the culture and even the faith to become world renown and accepted on bigger stages! For young artists just trying to speak the gospel and introduce people to Christ this can become a very troubling and confusing time if not rooted and secure in their call and faith!

Church B drops knowledge with a scripture that many believers rely on to remain steadfast and endure the changing of times and the persecution and isolation that comes with talking about changing lifestyles denouncing sin and the ideologies of Christian beliefs Ephesians 6:10-11

B has literally responded to all trials and confusion without pinpointing or attacking one direct person! Believers must suit up because the war has begun and if your not careful you’ll be a casualty !!

Salute !!! The time is now …. get in the word and Suit Up !


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