Brinson is on time addressing hurt and unforgiveness! (Grudges Music Video)

Brinson time and time again has talked about suicide , pain and this one is probably the most relevant to the times touching on one of the manifestations of hurt and  unforgiveness … Grudges!

Visually this is his most vivid and mysterious to date coming from the podcasting, rapping, author and Minister Brinson but not for the reason most would assume!

What makes the visuals so important are because they attach themselves to the actual essence of the message! Hurt that becomes a Grudge blurs everything , moral lines, vision and even light ! This hurt can distract you from your purpose, from actually being able to move on and be healed from that past pain and disappointment from people!

Don’t allow the wrong doings of others block your blessings or stunt your recovery and healing!!! Let it Go!! It’s in the past and it can’t hurt you anymore!



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