“That Bible on the Dash let me [ Whip ] it out !”- Jus a Servant x Young Kori [Official Whip Music Video]

@darealjasmadlyfe is a Michigan native now currently perfecting his talents in Indiana ! This Chh artist releases his next single featuring Young Kori for a Gospel Trap serving of the Truth! 

 Jus & Young Kori kept the scenery simple because the intentions of this song is extremely direct. You can hear the heart of a ex this an ex that who has recovered and has made it their mission to spread the same message that granted them freedom!

This single deserves a listen because of the content, while the word play used heavy drug related metaphors they explain how the world can confuse you with who really has what you really need [Christ]  and Jus tells you up front….

I got what you need! I got what you need!”

Dope music, Enjoy 


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