Speez Louise-Hip Hops Best Kept Secret decides to embrace her call to be a front runner [ft M3 Lit Video]

Dea “Speez Louise” Burch is a mother, designer, Minister, teacher, production company owner and last but not least Rapper! You may remember her from the internet sensation chh female cypher ! She also has dropped Twerk Team , Life just to name a few! She is also apart of COPZ even though they are in a indefinite hiatus they are still one of Detroits most anticipated and highly effective rap groups since Christian Hip Hop swept the Motor city along the ranks of Jay&Jay Soul and One way just to name a few!

Speez is not an artist that is stuck on forcing music on the industry and takes a very intentional and strategic approach! She’s a protectionist that wants every single song to mean something and touch someone! Sources say that the female phenom has been in studio along with her husband Roderick “M3” Burch and are expected in 2017 to be letting their gifts loose on a world that is in desperate need for music with solid content, genuine messages and thoroughly with a professional quality presentation!!

Mrs Burch is among CHH’s most talented artists and  while she remains humble we think Speez while loving and appreciative to contributing and being in the background she may be ready to input herself among hip hops greats and we are def here for that!!

While we say she is ready to input herself we believe in a manner to expose the gospel to an unchurched demographic! From numerous accounts and lyrics as well as consistency throughout the years in her music….. one can only assume that Speez Desires to be a Light, and stay LIT !!

Enjoy  –Hit the link and Be Blessed !! πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ


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