POR sets their eyes on history!!

Path of Revelation have released their newest single Make Me and are set to drop their 2nd studio recorded album Everything Changes April 4 2017 ! 

Matt Mitchell and Gabe Parker have been inserted into the Christian hip hop scene for quite sometime! They have done countless features as well as released an extremely outspoken EP & follow album, not to mention a few controversial interviews and vlog responses to current events!

Now while the group has definitely stood the test of time with consistency , this album still for some reason feels completely New! 

The imagery is different, the sound is different and we think Everything Changes will be the album where we will get a P.O.R. that we haven’t heard before but felt was coming all along!

The balance and growth of these 2 show is something to truly marvel at. While the desire of solo projects may have floated around these 2 couldn’t be more in sync which will make for [chh plug] ….

The Best Path of Revelation album/Music we have ever heard!

This project will definitely change everything, and an emerging Holy Hip Hop duo will thrust themselves in history!



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