KF🔥RE sets her eyes on leadership {New Leaders ft DreisBlessed}

Detroit’s Diamond in the rough, Kemara Stallworth, KF🔥re has set her focus on leadership and what those who are following someone should be looking for! Recently the femcee has began to stand out despite coming to grips that she’s apart of a male dominated genre but is beginning to recognize how much hiphop needs a woman’s voice!

Kemara’s recent attention is attributed to her soulful approach to music and story tellers perspective. 

Last week K put us on notice that she would begin FireVision Friday’s !

A campaign where she will premiere new music as well as new Content about what firevision is about and what Kemara wants the world to think when they hear Kfire!

She began this week premiering her newest single NEW LEADERS featuring Chh’s Rebel with a Cause DreisBlessed. This comes months after videos began to surface of The Grind Commission CEO & Stallworth collaborating at the hands of Throne Muzik’s historical studio itself !

The DreisBlessed and KF🔥re assembly may come off random to those not paying attention to the wave in the culture but a old soul in Dre alongside a fierce soulful artist was bound to happen and it couldn’t a be more honest and relevant track! Both are gearing up for a heavy 2017 which also makes more sense that the 2 would cross paths in the studio, as well as both are beginning to find their footing as New Leaders in Detroit HipHop!

This track here is saying a lot more than what’s on the surface!!



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