AxellBoy Welcomes You To An Art Gallery for the heart



Christopher ‘AxellBoy’ Axell is Indiana’s pride and joy even though growing up wasn’t as warm and fuzzy as you would assume. At a very young age Chris became the man of the house and because of that harboring feelings and concealing emotions became a part of a subtle numbing personality as he was forced to assume responsibilities and a role that he hadn’t yet fully accepted or even understood. During the days when mixtapes first broke into mainstream consumption, a booth and a freestyle session was the only time where levity could be met and almost became the only place of refuge. Most summers Axellboy would travel back and forth from Boston with mixtapes full of instrumentals he copped to light the studio up when he got back home, even though he admits to not really knowing how to rap in the beginning people knew he always had some beats on them.

 After sometime Boston became home where he later released his first secular piece “From over there to here” while also linking up with some locals he began to strengthen his verbal arsenal. It took 365 days after living in Boston for Salvation to begin to knock on the heart of young Axellboy and he became a member of Greater Life Baptist Church Deliverance Ministry. In the beginning phase Chris redirected his focus from freestyles and music to his new fire toward learning more and building his faith to learn about Christ. After some time and maturity the desire for music began to arise again but the difference this time he said was he said that he’d own music not the other way around.

Axell started off writing music to encourage himself but it wasn’t long he began to notice he was touching other people’s lives and began to compel them to learn more about what he was talking about, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He approached music in the same manner and began connecting with well-known engineers around the city, Dropping mixtapes like 3in1, Suit&Tie, and recent project Victorious. Collaborating even with unbelievers with the intentions of winning souls. After a few videos Axellboy created a buzz for himself and started networking with other believers from California, Florida, Wisconsin and more. Axellboy remains focused on being a blessing to many with a gift that only God could give. Embracing one of his favorite scriptures John 12:32 KJV

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

The 3-1 Project

Christopher “Axellboy” Axell has a sound that you won’t see coming right away. Being a fan of Christian hip hop sometime you get an understanding of a certain direction when music is concerned, not with Chris. Now while the gospel is very visible in the content his style is laid back but laced with an underlying momentum that makes every track heart felt. From his hooks to the soundbite intro, Axel seems like he sets you up then walks you down a street to show you a specific picture then you end up vulnerable and emotional.

 The first thing that came to my mind when I listened to the 3-1 project, was an art gallery for my heart. I literally felt like my spirit was taken down an isle and experienced 14 different portraits! I was encouraged, I was taken to the hood with hold up, but I was also taken to church, taken to the corner and then taken to the matt in a boxing ring. 

Invincible walked me into a ring that I felt powerful in, that I looked at my obstacle and I chanted the chorus as an anthem to my victory! The interludes of the 3-1 talks took me to card table debates with the old heads over a game of chess getting schooled. The overall project is healthy but it will exceed every expectation and I guarantee this is an audio oil painting. Hit Play and Close your eyes and enjoy.

Don’t believe me…..HIT THE LINK- 3-1

He’s just getting started: Check out more Music Now!



 Follow Him on Social Media @axellboy


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