Axcess talks about finding peace, the enemy and rising above chasing things on the surface! [Save My Life Pt.2 ft. Trevor Scott]

       Elias continues a very passionate and transparent series with Save Me Part.2. In the hook Hammond states, “forget that you know me you don’t own me for once in my life!” Suggesting that this wasn’t always the case. Axcess speaks about the seduction of not just the money but as the visual paints, it could be the women, the attention the music in itself that can take control of you. He speaks freely and even pays homage to someone lost as he talks about hip hop, the grind and the good, the bad and the ugly! While researching the Omaha emcee I recognized a comment on his YouTube of a friend saluting Axcess for his growth and progress from a less favorable time just 5 years ago.

This confirms that trials have been apart of the artists life yet still stands triumphant story for our Hero Axcess that is willing to admit that everything didn’t come easy while letting his fans know that their is peace along the way! He says that he’s found peace in traveling and gives it back to us on every verse!

     The overall vibe of the track was extremely mellow but encouraging and to be honest their is a huge problem ahead of the young artist! Save Me may be bigger than he expected and may be speaking to a larger base and he may not be able to let this go too soon!

 This may become his iPhone 30 where the people fall In love so much they want Save me after Save me after Save me! Either way that’s what we call “a good problem” and we see nothing but dopeness coming his way! We can’t wait to see what else he creates and shares with the world !


Axcess – Save Me Pt. 2 ft. Trevor Scott [Official Video]

More Axcess:

Elias “Axcess” Hammond has been a major contributor to the Omaha, hip-hop music scene, since moving here from Colorado Springs four years ago. His presence in the industry is unique, because he brings a street, edgy sound while focusing on up-lifting lyrics. As a middle school teacher for Omaha Public Schools, Axcess notices the major role that hip-hop music plays in our community, and the influence it has on its listeners.

About the Song

Axcess’ new video, “Save Me Part 2,” with musician Trevor Scott, illustrates how one can easily be misguided by the desires that often surround the hip-hop world. Whether it was sex, drugs, or money, Axcess was easily influenced by these temptations at a young age, and they continued to follow him throughout his music career. Those urges became an outlet to help escape reality; he “found the devil in hip-hop.” However, those empty pleasures were short lived… something was missing. Axcess quickly realized he could find true happiness by pursuing his dreams of writing and performing influential music, while strengthening his relationship with God. In the end, never let your guard down, focus on your dreams, and keep God at the center of it all.


Axcess – Save Me pt. 2 ft. Trevor Scott (prod. by adothegod) Filmed/Edit by Cameron Mcclarty of Driven Creativity Mediea R.A.S. (Rebel Against Society) 2017 ...

Contact info:


•Instagram/snapchat/twitter: @realaxcess


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