Nothing but scripture in this Microphone 🎤 

Mr. Wonderful Aka Microphone aka the visionary behind Microphone Ministries is one of this weeks artists of choice, so we had to put some respek on his name!

The Artist of Choice is an artist that we here the chh plug recognize, through fan mail, social media tags or word of mouth about an artist that is engaging the listners about choosing or redefining a path that walks closer to Christ.

In a time where the actual essence of what CHH was created to convey has almost been completely abandoned it’s always refreshing to hear that it’s still some young artists out here willing to bare the burden of truth!

Microphone shares visuals that are legitimately siting statements that only a young man walking and living the teachings of his faith could communicate boldly and directly!

His message isn’t cryptic or primarily artistic, which has become a tactic of concealing overtly Christian lyrics to broaden the good news and expand its reach. Mic on the other hand actually stands on the foundation of conservative content in plain “sight”-so to speak ! 

In most videos Christian artists have the challenge of trying to deliver a heavy message in a very light tone so not to drown the audience in deepness but edify and entertain. This challenge is something all artists will continue to experience but understanding WHO the artists target audience is ( who are you talking to) very key to accomplishing this without completely compromising your true position and values for the sake of “creativity”!  

The Chh Plug took sometime this week to chop with the philly native Microphone to get a little deeper conversation about the issues of Christian Hip Hop, the music industry and the question of , CAN music with Christian content be TERRIBLE?

MeechReal: Does Christian Hip Hop/The Genre Limit your reach or your content or both?

MeechReal: When you make music do you feel that you have to talk about only biblical topics, and NOT Loving your kids, your favorite television show and even past experiences in your life that aren’t doctrine based ?


MeechReal: Do you think a Christian artist can make “bad” music ?? (Is it possible for someone to put out a terrible Christian track)


MeechReal: B: does the music overrule the message or if the message is solid the production value of the actual song is secondary!




This song/Video is for believers

“Change me rearrange me” bridges inside the chorus of this anthem calling for correction and redemption! 2 things that are considered constant currency to pay our way to holiness and a Godly perspective and direction . Microphone is another one of Philly’s secret speakers with that spiritual sauce, <alliteration gang> ,but I digress, Mr Wonderful has a heart of worship as he travels through rhyme and melody to communicate to the Listener an experience that can transform not just your mind but your relationship with God.



More Microphone:


Ever wondered what would happen if you took the lyricsfrom your favorite worship song and put them on a dope hiphop beat? If you did, you would get Microphone! With his obvious passion for God and his love for the hip hop style of music, when listening to Mic you will hear a blend of two genres. Prior to Accepting Jesus in His life in 2010, Mic’s passion was for material things and personal gain and it showed through the lifestyle he lived and the music he made. After giving his life to God, Mic was reluctant tocontinue pursuing his music dreams.

“I only knew how to pursue music selfishly so was afraid that continuing in it would pull me away from God” says Mic.

He has suppressed song ideas and visions of ministering not realizing that in doing so he was being selfish with this new gift God has given him.

Mic shares, “God said to me clear as day that I wasn’t on wrong the road, I was just going in the wrong direction.”

It was at that moment that he understood that God didn’t want him to stop making music; Rather, He wanted Mic to make music for Him.

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One thought on “Nothing but scripture in this Microphone 🎤 

  1. Very inspiring interview… I’m so happy he wasn’t scared anymore. In fact, it inspired me to stop being scared as well. Very awesome, God Bless.


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