Mello Renee & M.O.G. are Ministry Minded Musicians putting Marriage in their Music

Mello Renee & M.O.G. literally have captivated me with their approach to music and how they have embodied marriage being ministry On a whole other level! While they’re are more and more CHH power couples arising in the culture actually attaching the DETAILS of marriage is powerful and needed!

Let me show you why….

This video was my first introduction but after watching not only did I IMMEDIATELY become a fan/ stalker šŸ‘€ I also recognized how much this narrative was missing in Music period! Jwil just released a song called Love and Marriage <click title for song> so when I came across Work it out I was blown away! 

It was so on time, so raw and so real. It starts with the shots about cleaning the rest room to lack of communication and especially random 2am pop up cleaning sessions!
Marriage is definitely one of the most underrated relationships and it’s because these conversations aren’t had! People believe hard equals wrong which means not the one and then divorce papers are filed! 
These 2 have allowed us to peek inside marriage and shows us the REALNESS of this union! Talks about how things were sweet but became annoying later down the line and how to work things out! How to recognize that WORK is Required is almost 90% of the battle!
The humility as well as the comical portion makes you fall in love with this couple, even how Issues a producer (M.O.G.) had with a mix turned into holy matrimony!!! (As seen in their Intro video!)

Work it out is special because it’s not a song focused on a dope beat-but that beat knocks-or overly lyrical or metaphor filled verses but it stands on honesty! Any good salesmen will tell you “People want something real, and they gravitate to Real people” and Mello Renee and MOG are exactly that and more!

These ministers are gearing up for a full on focus on love, marriage and successful relationship that is centered by God, which is why sealing the song with a prayer makes this song perfect!

Enjoy,Share,Comment !!

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