Chh Plug Spotlight : NamedTobias

Artist: NamedTobias.

City: Toronto

The Risk (Feat. Tyler Skyy) (Produced by NamedTobias.)

Sound Cloud:



This record speaks on how important it is to take risks and the faith needed with regards to going after anything you want in life, but more importantly, we both are speaking from a place of music and the grind and risks that come with it. Also just how crucial it is for anyone to leap forward if it is really something that they want, “The Risk” is worth it. Not enough people believe in themselves nor have faith and trust that things will work out so they settle, but neither of us can afford to settle.

The Breaks Over… (Produced by NamedTobias. //Add Prod. by Matt Storm)

Sound Cloud:



This record speaks on the struggle from the absolute bottom to keep pushing towards the top. All the doubt, politics,second guesses,overlooks and all of the blatant ignores or “NO’s” that have been faced, I’m still here so don’t count me out. The sacrifice is necessary and this is a warning type of record for anyone unaware or aware to stay on their toes for whats in store and pretty much smarten up, never count out, the overlooked.


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