E11even wants you to see the bigger picture!

E11even decides to make you think a little deeper than music’s usually surface and harmless nature. Make it All Last illustrates several hard hitting topics that if you don’t actually sit down, watch and listen you might actually miss them completely. 

This is what makes his single interesting because you see him running in 1 scene you see a child in doing the same in another, but it isn’t clear until closer to the end of the video you recognize that one is actually chasing after the other!

He paints visuals through articulating punctuation of scenarios in life that leave us hurt, down confused and overall just over life! He talks about struggle as a child as a young man but points out Make it all Last as if their is a way to endure some of life’s trials!

His faith shines through every line as the artist explains to us not only that God is still at work in our favor and that the enemy is still plotting our disadvantage, if we hold on to and focus on what’s really important we’ll see the light even in the darkest of times!

Make it all last tells us not to grow weary in well doing and while waiting on the next blessing don’t overlook the blessings-the prayers-the favor-the grace already received !


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“Make It All Last”

Written, mixed & mastered by 11:23pm aka e11even 

Music by Bukson Productions 

Filmed, directed, and edited by Edward Trent Mehl of ETMfilms


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