Faith & Film [ Fences Review] by DeJuan Bland

Hit the link for an amazing breakdown of Denzel Washington’s take on a classic book finally brought to the big screen by DeJuan Bland!

About The Man behind the voice of the Review 

DeJuan Bland is an solo Artist as well 1 out of 3 talents of the holy hip hop group TeamMostHigh, poet, and more!

As an effort to define myself I have settled on the fact that I am an artist commissioned to create narrative. Our world is made up of a tapestry of narratives and it is a personal belief that art is one avenue to make these accessible to all despite barriers.

        My passions that allow me to create narrative fall in film, music, branding, and public service. The first three are the easiest to consider when it comes to narrative but it is public service that puts ideas into action not merely words and visuals.

        My experiences thus far have varied tremendously and they all inform the person who I am still becoming. I have worked for a non-profit for two years serving at risk youth. I have been involved in film production; pre-production, post production, and live production for 4 years. 

Sports Broadcasting is one opportunity that I have had the pleasure to grow in within the past two years. I have also been blogger with published work, a recording artist, and an event planner. Currently I am doing faith based community organizing in Detroit, Mi.

My aim is to bring catharsis wherever I travel.

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