NoBigDyl x Marty (Social Club)- Shakira 

@nobigdyl & @deathbymartymar have 2 very original approaches to music but the one thing the 2 have in common is THEY NEVER TAKE THEIR JOBS TOO SERIOUSLY!

The visual aspect is very honest to each emcees vintage and unorthodox way of putting their talents on display ! Not too serious though they hit us with a dab or 2 just to keep the swag above average!

 Social Clubs Marty is definitely one of Chh’s favorites as signing to a label, a new wife and new music  hasn’t done anything less than show the misfit is here to stay!

The Tribe is literally on the move and NoBigDyl is exactly what the culture needs in a very doctrine neutral time. His harmonic style of Hiphop grants access to tougher issues in a lighter perspective without denying the father or changing the message of the gospel! 

These 2 have a ball on this one and everybody is Here For it….



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