Detroit City a.k.a. The Motor City has been well known for it’s role as a leader in the American Auto Industry and the home of Soul Music, Motown Records. Some of the world’s best cars (Mustang, Escalade, Jeep Wrangler) and artists alike (Aretha Franklin, The Winans, Eminem: just to name a few) were born in Detroit. 

Despite the great culture and history of the city, it seems that poverty & violence are what most outsiders think of when they hear “Detroit”. Well, times are changing and they are changing fast! 

I was born and raised in this great city and for the past 6 years I’ve worked as a Corporate Professional in the Restaurant Division of a Fortune 50 company. My primary objective is to identify up and coming Restaurant Chains within the Great Lakes Region of the US. Basically, I have to see a major restaurant chain before it becomes major and I’m one of the best in the country at what I do. Restaurant industry professionals recognize Detroit as becoming one of the best places to dine in the country. 

I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with Music!? I’m glad you asked. I should mention that I’m also a Christian Rapper and Fashion Designer. The creative community in the city is rapidly growing and poised for national recognition sooner than later.

This intense artsy enviornment is starting to have an impact on the Christian Rap scene of Detroit. Very few Christian Rappers out of our city have gotten the recognition or respect that many deserve. However, that’s all going to change very soon. 

As I mentioned earlier, in my professional career I have developed the ability to see big things before they are big. May 5th, 2017 was a building block of the foundation of things to come. On that day, myself (JWilMusic), Read B. Verses, and Path of Revelation all released new projects. Later that night we celebrated with a live event entitled, “Real Ones Left”. 

We were joined at the event by Meech Real (, fellow Christian Rapper M3, and Rep Da King Magazine (ATL). The audience was 50/50 black and white, which was a huge part of our plan. In the midst of the racial tension in America we wanted to show that the Kingdom of God is still diverse and united. The night ended with a salute to Veteran Christian Rap Artists from our city that paved the way for us. 

In addition to that, the 3 projects that were released have been receiving great reviews and energized the Christian Rap Community in the city. So, let me be the first to welcome you to the New Detroit. Where we are building our Bars & Restaurants.



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