Christian Soul Singer channels iconic vocal heritage for the kingdom

Shantel Hampton has a very significant story. Many people get into music hoping for fame, major exposure and all the lights while this young songbird actually chose the compete opposite! Being the granddaughter to one of music’s great voices Sam Cooke usually means Instant spotlight…. right??!! 

Instead the Christian soul singer indulged her passion for business and chased down industry by accomplishing personal career goals in her field by the age of 29. 

We first got a glimpse of her star power after she released early 2017 2 clips of singles from her current project The Base < available on iTunes> and directly after that being featured on @Jwilmusic’s single Dream Traveler from his current project GodKnowsMyArt.

Shantel’s FIRE for ministry is evident in every song! I remember this first time catching back up with Ms. Hampton I told her I was going to address her as a Soul Singer just so that her faith wouldn’t get in the way of reaching a max audience! What makes this so funny is I immediately sensed her discomfort and asked her what was wrong and she told me she preferred being know as a Christian before anything else.

From that moment I recognized a individual that has had every opportunity to operate and blur the lines but continually CHOOSES to let her light shine!

That brings us to May 15 2017, Shantel Hampton steps out on faith and releases a treat that sonically will bless all that are in vocal range! Enjoy

The Base

Hit the links ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The Base by Shantel Hampton



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