POR has unapologetically demanded growth from Christian Hiphop with Everything Changes! 

Path of Revelation embraces the mantle off CHH despite many reserves of lax doctrine, idol worship and misrepresented Christianity ! The title of this review calls for the fact that Everything Changes is not designed to be accepted by the masses but created to make a massive impact! The project contains heavy conversations ranging from sin addictions including pornography, financial issues having children and even the shortcumning of working in ministry and the attacks of the flesh just to name a few ! The group demands a maturation on a level that causes much attention because a lot of music coming out now days is focused on making you feel good verses making you self reflect !

Gabe Parker & Matt Mitchell are a significant prerequisite for the Holy Spirit to be in the midst (atleast 2 or 3) ! (See listening to their album has gotten my pen more sanctified ! But I digress) 

In other words Path of Revelation have been able to accomplish feats many groups have never approached let along eclipse! After more than a decade these 2 have not only been able to constantly grow as Producers as well Artists but reinevent themselves and evolve! 

Matt Mitchell’s style and vernacular has advanced in extremely creative ways without being influenced or an echoe of whatever is trending in hiphop. Gabe Parker on the other hand has developed lyrically when it comes to his progressive and impressive cadence structure breathing and overall delivery!

(Honorary Member Status) Katrina Mitchell is an amazing compliment to the project and while POR’s content is challenging transparent and thought provoking I cannot imagine this project being able to capture the entire emotion and sound of Everything Changes without her!

  1. Dominate –  POR opens up with a solid anthem that jump starts the entire feel! No time for a break I guess ! 
  2. Night ft Katrina MitchellThe Most honest track I’ve heard in hip hop in a long time ! Talking about fighting lustful thoughts, shortcomings and more! Blown away!
  3. Bow Down – It’s rare to get more than one anthem on a project! Wordplay solid , chorus super catchy and urban! Sort of my guilty pleasure track because I sort of swag a little harder on this one! Lord forgive me.. lol
  4. Committed ft Marcus Sheffield – The feature by Sheffield made a lot of sense for the subject matter and transparent and gritty direction of the songs nature! Honesty touching on marriage and the obligations of  brands or celebrity and how these things can be  distractions that need to be prioritized ! 
  5. Steadfast– PathofRevelation isn’t really known as a wavvy or vibetastic duo which shows how dedicated they are to never allow their listeners to get comfortable as they constantly grow! The beat, the production, the verses….. all come together like a violin and piano!
  6. Almost Fainted ft Katrina Mitchell – Solid and Consistent with the overall vibe! Almost has a RnB feel !
  7. In my Ears ft Jwilmusic – Jwilmusic and PoR have a very extensive relationship in and outside of music so clear chemistry pours through! Another strong production sample and overall Dope song! The verbal Van Gough Jwilmusic is in his element on this track!
  8. Supremacy ft ReadBVerses – The addition of ReadBVerses adds a verbal rendition of bible meets barrz that elevates the content of this composition while not overwhelming the laid back cult music vibe!
  9. Make Me –  Christian Anthem number 3! These catchy hooks can inspire worship and provoke a deeper interpretation depending on length and intensity of  relationship!
  10. Reward- Perfect example of Gabe Parkers ability to rise to each occasion artistically is extremely encouraging ! Matt Mitchell has arrived undoubtably as an artist in his own skin thriving in a Holy HipHop Ensemble of emcees !
  11. Relentless ft Katrina Mitchell & Darron Donaldson – Darron Donaldson decided to take us to church and leave the children sitting in pews! Awesome awesome tone! This outro-esq track is extra smooth and full of oil! 
  12. For Better or Worst ft Katrina Mitchell – Matt Mitchell is the first Christian artist on a track I’ve heard to threaten pregnancy if he continues to talk about Mrs Mitchell, his wife! What an awesome way to end this project by putting their wives on high! Vocally Gabe Parker stretched and actually never missed a note! If this was NBC’s the voice…. his vocals could atleast get him on stage…. maybe, sort of… I digress ! Clean vocals!                                                    It says a lot for a man to use his gift to uplift his spouse that may many times be overlooked because artists commentary is usually centered to issues and personal narrative ! PoR are being an example for the new wave of artists biblically and lovingly! 

The overall project comes off very direct but heart felt. (Compliments of the gentle caress of Katrina Mitchell’s vocals!) 

While Grace and Vanity was a very healthy album that deserves a listen! I have to say Everything Changes is one of their Fullest bodies of work to date! Extremely impressive wordplay, metaphors and relevant topics, transparent moments and even a few trunk rattling beats for the crew!


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