Atlanta Based Magazine sets its sights on some of Detroits hottest Female Talents!

RepDaKing is a magazine that started in the Spring of 2013 in Atlanta, Ga. They have interviewed with some of the biggest names in the Urban Christian genre, and are committed to growing a diverse audience without compromise. 

June 2nd they’re [RepDaKing] releasing it’s Queens of the Kulture issue featuring some amazing femcess and 3 of Detroits made the list and number 4 made the Queens of the Kulture Playlist in a feature with the one and only MahoganyJonz ! (Insight- MahoganyJonz ft Katrina Mitchell off her Album Sugar Water)

Mahogany Jones

Hip Hop Ambassador, teacher and just overall Huge Light for the culture! Now while Ms Jones is New York born and raised she has become a very integral component and respected gift as she has chosen to also Rep Detroit to the fullest! ! Ms. Jones is one of those special artists that has found her own particular way to navigate through pop culture while still remaining true to her personal style and the spirit of Chh! Mahogany is considered a pioneer in Detroits music scene as well as a nationally recognized soulful lyricist! 

Kama Kazi 

Known as a solo artist as well as being one half of MDIxKama who recently dropped a single Rollin in Da Doe ft. Da T.r.u.t.h. ! Kama Kazi is another one of those gems that has been blazing the trial for quite sometime but is still JUST getting started!! Keep your eye on her!

Porsha Love 

Ms. Purity over lust is also known for being apart of the viral craze The Chh Female Cypher! Porsha Love is currently touring with Chh Most Wanted alongside another femcee ily rap and male artist lance hitch! 

Katrina Mitchell

Katrina Mitchell is one of those sneaky talents that doesn’t make too many huge announcements yet and still has left her undeniable mark on Detroits Christian Hip Hop scene from a different perspective ! Her catalog in music is epic and lists more of Detroits brightest such as Mahogany Jones, Read B Verses and PathofRevelation! 

Repdaking’s Queens of the Kulture issue will be fresh off the press June 2nd! For more information on the artists and repdaking hit the link below

➡️➡️ Queens of The Kulture  ⬅️⬅️
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