P.O.O.E is the cure for Writers Block [Real Review-ReadB Verses New EP] CHH Today Collaboration 

Have you ever meet someone that had everything you had been looking for? 

Have you ever had a meal that left you so satisfied that the last bite filled you with delight and regret because you know the sensation had ended? 

Have you ever held a thought in your head for weeks to walk into a conversation and hear someone say the EXACT thing you’ve been trying to say but was afraid to?

PARDON while I paint a picture that sets the atmosphere appropriately to receive the caliber of this composition.


After weeks of writers block Product of Our Enviorment cured me by track 3 with a heavy dose of medley, metaphor and methodical etiquette that could illuminate a stadium of linguists !

Welcome to the Bridge ft. Julie Choi(Intro)- Clean, settling classical launching pad! Sets the tone! Opens album with an awesome shoutout to Crossmovement designed not to grab the attention of the faction but to esteem pioneers and stimulate the fans of the history!

2.) Thankful ft. Katrina Mitchell – If at the end of track 1 the band put down the instruments, track 2 picked up in stride, the transition is for lack of a better word….elegant!

Interlude- Dope Intermission ! 

4.) Servants of Christ ft Tone Spain- Philly’s Tone Spain & Detroits Read B Verses is always a heavy project due to BOTH artists are jab heavy emcess focused on edification ! Spain x Read always guilty of creating high waves of versitale commentary of the gospel.

5) Products of our Enviornment ft J.Crum-  Smooth! Probably the most subtle track on the entire project. Solid penmenship and consistent tone!

6.) Ambassador Bridge (Outro) –Read closes EP with a lullaby and now we’re all SkyDreaming!

*Products of our Environment ties vintage underground Lyrcial Hip Hop with the historical sound of Motown and Jazz to Christian Hip Hop! Perfect tribute to Detroits emerging Chh scene as well as an impactful debut into an genre he himself may be responsible for contributing to reigniting a fire that some has forgotten! 

Lyrical Content -responsible for sparking conversations and the edification of a vast Christian and evangelical fan base ! 


6 out of 7 Plugs!

Real Review:

This album is like going on your first date with someone amazing, they say all the right things, take you to your favorite restaurant, and is a complete gentlemen/woman! You end the date with dancing and stimulating conversation and all you did the entire date was laugh and smile. Perfect night, then you close your eyes for a moment, and when you open them your date is gone! -This album gives you everything and more then ends in the swiftest motion! 

It literally leaves you mad that it’s over but glad you were apart of it!

If you Love Hip Hop You need This project!

Products of Our Environment – EP by Read B. Verses






Stay Connected







Special Thanks for the love and the support ! #Squad


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