Christian Artist-M3 takes a hard look at himself and digs up his past!

Roderick ‘M3‘ Burch started in Christian hip hop in a very groundbreaking fashion with introducing The Parable experience that captured the attention of an entire culture as well as various other waves with many of Detroits Christian artists you also hear about today! 

As M3 continues in CHH you can’t overlook the process of a young emcee evolving to an empathic artist as the emotion of his music has begun to turn inward!

They don’t really know is special because previously the young artist had only in spirts mentioned his past as he focused on motivating and inspiring the culture! 

The artist in this video takes a hard look at himself as he reveals something’s about growing up that he may had hidden in his subconscious for years!  It seems therapeutic to purge the hurts of the past and share with his audience ! 

At the end of the day, many of us have come from tattered pasts, this is why we should be kind to one another but even in that understand the things we go through grant us inspiration to those that don’t understand the depth of Gods Grace and Love! 

There is no place too far that Gods love can’t rescue you from! Remember that people will overlook you and under estimate you but it’s something GREAT in you, and They Don’t Really Know how powerful you truly are!

Stay Encouraged & Enjoy


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