Fly Zon3- Fresh/Check mate ft. Dre Breeze


Fly Zon3 ‘s ‘Fresh’ is not the typical CHH anthem your accustomed to hearing. Just recently in the last 2 to 3 years Christian Hip Hop has begun to break down the walls of stereotypical Christian Rap and really allowed creativity and the urban culture to flow in it’s music. Fresh is a testament to the times and growth of this faith based genre as Christian artist’s are not only letting their hair down in a way but actually puttin’ a lil swagger on these Jesus beats! Fly Zon3 remains true to the city they claim and love by casting a few of Detroit’s hottest and influencial in the CHH scene for cameo’s, Ms.Purity Over Lust Porsha Love and CONVICTOR! 



What makes FRESH so special is it’s up beat relevant approach and its clever depiction of secular boasting flipped to actually bragging and magnifying his name! When you first see the title and hear the song you may think Fly Zon3 is bragging about themselves but they waste not time making it known theyre boasting IN THE LORD.

I Be Fresh. … I can’t help it that GOD love me!

Fly Zon3 is a VERY high energy power couple that proves one thing that the world needs to know about us Believers…


We Be Fresh!!!


To Keep Up with Fly Zon3 follow them on social media

Twitter : @flyzon3
Instagram : @flyzon3
Facebook : @flyzon3 muziq

Booking : or contact: 313-939-5398


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