Christian Hip Hop Collective Assembles to Confess well Deserved Blessings

Porsha Love x Lance Hitch x Ily Rap are one of Detroits strangest stories of how rap, broken relationships and later on reconciliation actually brought them back together stronger than before! To know all these artists actually were friends BEFORE they gave not JUST their crafts to Christ but also their lives and came back together proves how powerful and strategic Gods foresight is for our good and his purpose ! 

Porsha Love was the first to go Solo as she became Christian hiphops Ms.Purity over Lust as well as assembled The Cypher Girls that was last summers internet sensation!

Ily Rap aka Ms Melodies In My Soul was the second to leave the secular stage and emerge again in Chh as one of the cultures grittiest story tellers as far as the  ladies in the game are concerned !

Then along came Lance Hitch who is arguably one of  Detroit Christian Hip Hops Rookie of the year canindates as he walked away from a very promising career in secular music to devote his message to ministry !

After a 8 bar challenge emerged to shake the culture we began to see the 3 artists appear together more and more until they dropped their first single I Deserve LiveWithMeechReal and the rest is History- that is still being written!

Detroit is becoming known more recently for some very powerful collections of artists coming together. One may even say Detroit is becoming a Hub for Chh Unity! 

Either way Detroit is undeniably on FIRE!



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