Desmond J- Fired Up



Desmond J talks about trapping and turning from selling weed to selling Hope. The Transition hasn’t seemed to slow up the charge to get product to the streets but just a exchange in what he has chosen to sell and endorse. Christian Hip Hop is becoming more and more riddled with those that spent a past time in narcotics. While many will argue if the transition is the same, Id like to lean toward the similarities of how its something people need and for his people to be pushing it at a heavy rate. (planting seeds everywhere they can with the gospel) While dealing,taking and endorsing drug dealing or any criminal activity is farther from our stance and desire we understand here at TheChhPlug that God’s reach is not limited an can reclaim those from any and all walks of life to be commissioned with discipleship and sharing the God News. We understand that while this life style shouldn’t be sensationalized Hip Hop can at times be able to thread the line to paint a picture of a much grander picture, also pun intended the metaphor works because God is Dope!



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