Cross Movement:  The Next Generation

Before tables are flipped and people are thrown out of the temple I want all the READERS to understand the homage and respect for Cross Movement and the lasting impact it will forever have NOT just on CHH but the entire culture itself.

[With that being said] Christian Hip Hop has taken so many twists and turns and boundaries pushed to limits that was once unheard of. Now days the artistic expression of Christian Rap has advanced in a way that mainstream music never saw coming, which is a good thing but also has come at the cost of solid foundational content in some cases.

CHH pioneer and mentor Jermaine James said, “it’s  [Christian Hip hop] too many mature artist’s that are immature ministers!” Now while this doesn’t cover every single artist listeners all over the world have to admit that the lines CHH & Secular/Conscious have been blurred for quite some time!!

UNTIL…. a few artist’s coming out of Detroit & Philly began to gain momentum while highlighting bible thumping barrz and tight theological tracks which the culture is eating up! 3 artist’s (Just to name a fraction) that we here at thechhplug have taken notice to is:


Detroit’s white whale, an artist that has quietly worked in the background while taking names but not leaving any evidence or a calculated entree into the CHH Culture until N O W! Read B. Verse’s has a growl that exudes passion in every line.


Philadelphia’s unsung hero: Acapella Punchlines and unapologetic statements make for a up and comer whose vocabulary may only be rivaled by,Philadelphian vet, Cassidy ! Spain is definitely a weapon of mass demonic destruction. [You’ve been warned]

@Pormusicnow (Path of Revelation)

Gabriel Parker & Matt Mitchell make up one of Christian Hip Hops most Doctrine Oriented artists/ministers in Path of Revelation !

Gabe Parker is a very OPEN and Controversial Speaker when it comes to anything pertaining to the gospel or the politics that hender growth or sound doctrine! Social media is ONE of his war zone platforms where not fair weather can be safe!

Matt Mitchell is the other half of POR but is actually a calmer social presence in regards to controversy but is JUST AS AGGRESIVE as his counter part if not more line for line, verse for verse!

These 2 together make for not JUST sound doctrine not JUST dope music but above all a fully balanced effective duo that empowers Holy Hip Hop and a huge gem for the CHH culture!

Stay Tuned!! Comment below and let us know what you think!!


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