The Plug




3rd John 1 We Here at The Chh Plug believeS in NOT just the artistry but the MINISTRY !!

The Chh Plug was created after visionary Demetrious Early aka MeechReal started in radio and began to search out for CHH Artists to put on air but learned that so many people lack the bare minimum to be taken seriously, or marketable.
The Chh Plug is the connection to the resources necessary to get to the next level by favor from Christ and resources of those connected to the kingdom and the CHH movement.

We offer Many Services :
Artist Development/Management

🎙Studio Time

đź“·Professional Photo Shoots

đź’»Website Development/Logo Design/ Foundational Branding

📡Digital Visiblity and Reach

đź’ąEvents, Interviews and Marketing

Strategic planning and Positioning
These perks and more from a enthusiastic and encouraging partner to help you maximize your dream so that it will not fall on death ears, eyes in whatever gift God has blessed you with!
Interested In The Plug:

Subject Bar: The CHH Plug/ ______(whatever your looking for) management, logo,website,etc!

FMOI: MeechReal & @thechhplug


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